Devine Industrial Systems, Inc.

As Oklahoma’s number one source for hydraulic systems at the best value, Devine Industrial Systems Inc. is equipped to handle any Industrial, hydraulic or power system project. Our supreme experience in custom hydraulic power systems combined with old world craftsmanship sets us apart from other manufacturers. These other companies make this claim when they are strictly distributors. Why go with the middle man when Devine Industrial Systems Inc. can offer truly custom hydraulic systems and parts? We offer our customers effective, reliable solutions for their power product needs.

Over the years we’ve made quite a name for ourselves throughout the state of Oklahoma. The Industries we serve include: Military, Infrastructure, Power Generation, Industrial, Steel, Oil & Gas, Amusement and more.

When you choose Devine Industrial Systems Inc. you get the added benefit of working with a 3d modeling company. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting from step one of the design process all the way down to the finished product. Your Custom Hydraulic System, Accumulator Rack, Custom Oil Cooler or other hydraulic unit or part will be exactly what you want it to be. Call Devine Industrial Systems, Inc. today to start your custom hydraulic project!

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"Custom made and ready to use
 hydraulic systems for your industrial needs"

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